Activate Online

Welcome to Activate Online!!

It doesn't matter if you call Activate ChCh home, or if you've never been in your life - you are MORE than welcome to join us!

We appreciate that if you've never been to church before, it can be a pretty daunting prospect! What's it like? What sort of people will be there? What happens in a church
service? What's the pastor like? These are all valid questions - and all of them can be
answered from the comfort of your own home - thanks to Activate Online!

Every Sunday Morning @ 10am, we upload a video of our Sunday morning service to the Activate ChCh Facebook Page.  It's usually a quick hello, followed by three or four songs, and then a short message. 

If you like what you're seeing then you should definitely join our Facebook Group - that's where most of the action during the week happens!

(Don't have Facebook? That's ok!  We upload all our content to our YouTube channel too!)

And if you have any questions at all - just use the chat feature on FB, or check out the 'Contact Us' page on this website.