bible 1Gatherings - 10:30am Sunday

  Our gatherings start with a short reading from the bible, followed by a time of singing and reflection - you're welcome to join in, or if you'd prefer to sit and listen, that's fine too!  We're blessed to have some
very accomplished communicators on our team, so
our Sunday messages are always fun, engaging and designed to help us live an abundant and full life!



   You'll see everything from jeans and dress shirts, to shorts and a T-shirt! Pants, skirts, jandals, thongs (the shoe version!) - even bare feet at times.  All are welcome.  There is
NO DRESS CODE required to attend Activate Christchurch, although we do ask that you wear SOMETHING!



 If you have kids (0-12yrs) they can participate in our fun (and safe) kids ministries.  We have a dedicated Nursery, a fully equipped Creche, and engaging options for pre-schoolers, primary school aged children and a separate option for those intermediates that don't want to be
with "the little kids!"